In The News This Week With President Trump

It’s been such an interesting week in the news, even before news that the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, released his report.

President Trump was in the news, unfortunately not for a new peace agreement with North Korea or a new budget or anything that will affect our lives but for his comments about a dead man. Continue reading “In The News This Week With President Trump”

Practicing What We Preach

Most would agree that one true measure of a person is if they actually live and do what they say they believe.

Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist who recently declared he was running again for President, is running on a platform of helping the less fortunate by taking money from the wealthy and redistributing it to those at the bottom end of the economic ladder who often, he says, have the system rigged against them. How does his record stack up? Continue reading “Practicing What We Preach”

Weekend Quick Takes

Only in Washington would a lawmaker be angry that he got to vote on his own bill. Yet that’s part of the news of this week-that and more in this edition of ‘Quick Takes’.

Senator Doesn’t Want a Vote on His Own Bill

Sen. Ed Markey is angry at the Senate Majority Leader for bringing a bill that he sponsored to a vote. What?! Continue reading “Weekend Quick Takes”

This is Socialism

Newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has quickly become a darling of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Ocasio-Cortez defeated a member of the Democratic Congressional leadership in last year’s primary and went on to win her heavily Democratic district in the general election. Young and unabashedly leftist, the self-described socialist has been making an impression with her uncompromising advocacy of socialistic and far left proposals. But you have to give it to her-she has the integrity of her beliefs. She is pushing proposals that are in line with the socialist ideals that she says she believes.

Unlike people like Bernie Sanders, who ran for President in 2016 as a socialist but then when the election was over bought his third house, an expensive vacation getaway on Lake Champlain, Ocasio-Cortez comes from a humble background and is pushing an agenda heavy on government planning, intervention and control of the economy and every aspect of society. Continue reading “This is Socialism”