Weekend Quick Takes-Start Of The NBA Political Season And More

In this week’s quick takes, we take a look at the hypocrisy of the NBA (and other celebrities) and other news of note.

China Ain’t So Bad

The NBA showed its hypocrisy this week. The General Manager of the Houston Rockets tweeted sympathy for protests in Hong Kong against increasing totalitarianism by the Chinese government. As with any dictatorship, China did not approve of criticism of its authority and cancelled the broadcast of an NBA pre-season game.

The NBA, seeing the potential to lose money, quickly backtracked and tried to downplay any criticism of the Chinese government. Continue reading “Weekend Quick Takes-Start Of The NBA Political Season And More”

Too Far

The Speaker of the House of Representatives last week initiated impeachment hearings after President Trump admitted to asking a foreign leader to investigate Joe Biden, right after talking about how much money the US was giving to that country.

Needless to say, the impeachment inquiry became the top news topic. And the person who doing the most to encourage Republicans to support impeachment investigations is…President Donald Trump. Continue reading “Too Far”

Former GOP Senator, Author of ‘Conscience Of A Conservative’, Pens Editorial

Former Republican Senator, and current Harvard Fellow, Jeff Flake penned an editorial yesterday days after President Trump came out in favor of criminal charges of treason against one of his opponents in Congress and then tweeted that a ‘civil war’ like split would happen if he were removed from office.

The link to the editorial is below, so you can read it in its entirety. Especially if you are a conservative, it’s worth a read.

One noteworthy excerpt, as he addressed his former Republican colleagues in the Senate who may worry about a political backlash, he said  “Trust me when I say you can go elsewhere for a job. But you cannot go elsewhere for a soul.”



When Supreme Court Justices Don’t Fit Their Mold

If you remember the last confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, you will remember the uproar that his nomination meant that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) would be packed with Trump nominees that would march in lock-step and would radically alter the balance of power.

An editorial from USA Today, a fairly consistently liberal newspaper, shared details of a study that showed quite the opposite. Continue reading “When Supreme Court Justices Don’t Fit Their Mold”

Silencing Differing Views

Increasingly in today’s United States, we see attempts to silence views of those with differing opinions. We find this especially true in college and universities. Where once the goal was to expose students to different viewpoints and teach them to apply rational thought to develop their own reasons for their beliefs,  the goal now is increasingly to teach them what to think and to prevent them from being exposed to anything different than the ‘doctrine’ pushed by academic rule-makers. Continue reading “Silencing Differing Views”

With Authority Comes Great Responsibility

Thinking Man believes that police and other law enforcement deserve the benefit of the doubt, very generally speaking. They are responsible for public safety, and do a job that requires them to make split second decisions and to put their lives on the line if those decisions are bad.

The converse of that is that with that deference comes a special responsibility, and being held to a higher standard of integrity and conduct. When law enforcement officials do wrong, they should pay. Continue reading “With Authority Comes Great Responsibility”