The Rising Chinese Threat (Part 1 In A Series): Military

As China becomes more overtly expansionist and is interfering with other nations on several levels, the threat to the world has grown almost exponentially over the last decade.

This is the first in a series looking at the aggressive policies of China, how they are affecting the world and what can be done to contain the threat that has become China and the oppressive ruling Communist Party. Today’s review looks at the most overt indicator of China’s growing strength and growing threat, that being the Chinese military and its use.

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Witness From Syria

The civil war (or revolution) in Syria has gone on for a decade now, with no end in sight. Statistics of those killed and displaced are massive but somehow lose their impact through repeating over the last several years, yet are indicative of the massive human cost (and what people, such as Syrian President Assad, will do to maintain power–man’s inhumanity to man).

The link below is to an article, linked because it is worth reading in its entirety. From a resident of Aleppo, target of one of Assad’s chemical weapons attack on civilians, the narrative spells out what life is like and why she has chosen to speak out.

Weekend Quick Takes

US Senator Member At All White Yacht Club

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) this week admitted that he has belonged to a ‘whites only’ yacht club for years.  When asked about it by a reporter, Whitehouse responded that “…they are still working on that and I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet.”

The muted response from the Democratic leadership in the Senate has been deafening in it’s silence.

VP Harris Visits Her Area Of Responsibility (100 Days Later)

Vice President Kamala Harris went to visit the southern border. While largely symbolic, the visit came months after being put in charge of the situation at the border (the Biden Administration does not call it a ‘crisis’). On the flip side, even if it is symbolic, it is certainly odd that Harris had never visited the area for which she was responsible.

It could be because she does not think that we should have borders at all.  When asked during a debate when she was running for President two years ago if illegal immigrants should be deported if they had not committed a crime other than illegal entry, Harris said “No, they should not be deported” and should be allowed to stay…..even if they came into the country illegally.

Trump’s Continued War On Republicans

Former President Trump is campaigning this weekend in Ohio against former NFL player and current Republican Congressman Anthony Gonzalez.

This continues Trump’s campaigns against fellow Republicans who crossed him, in Gonzalez’ case by voting for the 2nd articles of impeachment. Trump has yet to campaign against any Democrats, showing that his priority, concern and focus is personal revenge and not political principle or helping his party.

Some things just don’t change.

News Of The Weird: Sidney Powell (Enough Said)

Sidney Powell was one of the more colorful figures in former President Trump’s lawsuits about the election. Powell was part of the Trump’s legal team and, among other things, filed a lawsuit in Michigan alleging voting irregularities in Edison County…but obviously did not check a map before filing because there is no Edison County in Michigan.

Powell is also being sued by Dominion Voting Systems.  Powell had repeatedly claimed that vote counting machines, using software from Dominion, had electronically changed votes cast for Trump to votes for Biden. Dominion is suing Powell for defamation. That case is going before a judge today for a preliminary hearing.

Powell’s defense?  In a motion filed by her legal team in March, Powell and her attorneys argued that the case should be dismissed in part because “no reasonable person” should have believed that her election statements about votes being changed electronically were “truly statements of fact”.

New Zealand Announces Transgender Olympian

New Zealand just announced their upcoming Olympic team and, for the first time will have a transgender athlete. In this particular case, a member of the women’s weightlifting team will be transgender.

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