Trump’s Effect on US Politics (part two of a series)

(Editor’s Note:  This is part two of a series on ‘Politics in the Trump Era’)

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’, which was a way of saying he would be a radically different President.  After defying almost all the polls and conventional wisdom by being elected, I think all would agree that he has fulfilled that promise. As President, he has totally gone against conventional wisdom and has set his own course, whether for good or bad.

In doing so, both his Presidency and his campaign have had an impact on US politics probably far more than anyone else in the last century, at least. As mid-term elections approach, it seems a somehow timely and appropriate to reflect on those changes. Continue reading “Trump’s Effect on US Politics (part two of a series)”

Mid-Term Elections Two Weeks Out (Part 1 of a Series)

(Editor’s Note:  This is part one of a series on ‘Politics in the Trump Era’)

Two weeks from now, we hold mid-term elections which will determine control of the Senate and House of Representatives.  Traditionally, the party that holds the Presidency loses seats in the mid-term elections and, in some recent cases, loses a large number of seats and control flips to the other party. This year’s elections shape up to be similar in many ways, yet different in a number of others. Continue reading “Mid-Term Elections Two Weeks Out (Part 1 of a Series)”

On the Kavanaugh SCOTUS Hearings…

The biggest item in the news last week was the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has been rated ‘well qualified’ by the American Bar Association but two days before the Justice Committee was to vote, allegations of sexual assault surfaced from when he was in high school.

The news is big enough that it can’t be ignored but, frankly, Thinking Man has debated what to say on the topic, not because there isn’t plenty to say but because the issue, to quote Sen. Jeff Flake, “is tearing our country apart”. Opinions on the topic have been passionate and unwavering, each convinced so clearly that they are right that they also think the other ‘side’ not just wrong but downright evil.  Continue reading “On the Kavanaugh SCOTUS Hearings…”

Even In Death, John McCain Gives Us Something To Think About

Today, John McCain will be laid to rest at the US Naval Academy Cemetery. Services were held in AZ, where he had his home and who he represented in the Senate for several terms. For those who paid attention, John McCain left all of us a lesson even in death. Continue reading “Even In Death, John McCain Gives Us Something To Think About”