No More Complaining About WikiLeaks

Before the recent uproar about publishing embarrassing emails from the Clinton campaign during the election season, WikiLeaks gained notoriety for publishing classified government and military documents. Obviously, that is a problem and the Obama Administration not only condemned it but issued an international warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks’ founder.

That’s why Thinking Man was shocked today when President Obama, who has complained loudly and often about WikiLeaks sharing government secrets (and rightfully so) commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning.  Manning was the former Army intelligence staffer who gave tens of thousands of classified military and State Dept. documents to WikiLeaks which published them. The leak was the biggest in US history and the damage was vast. To put the leaks in human terms, some of the leaked documents described people in Afghanistan, for example, who had helped the US military and shortly afterward the Taliban went on what was described as a killing spree to kill anyone who fit the description in the leaked documents.

Manning put lives in danger by his actions, he is a traitor and he was the one who did what you, President Obama, have previously said is so terrible but yet you commuted his sentence?!?! Yeah, good idea.  I assume that we will never hear you complain about leaked secrets, or WikiLeaks again.

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