On Children in Politics

So one of the most disappointing things in American society these days is that this even is something to be commented on.

There was once, and still is in many (civil) parts of society, an unwritten rule that you leave the children of politicians, mainly those of Presidents, out of the ‘fight’.  They were off limits, more or less, except when they made news themselves like when President Obama’s daughter was photographed seemingly smoking pot or President Bush’s daughter was arrested for underage drinking.  And even then it was a news note but not a major story.  Children don’t choose what their parents do and they are…well, they are children.  And so that’s how it should be.  For the most part, Malia and Sasha Obama weren’t part of any political fight.  Nor were Jenna and Barbara Bush or others.

But this election has sent people over the edge and/or brought out all of the crazies.  First, we had a couple of Hollywood types who suggested that the young son of Donald Trump must be autistic because…well, we are never quite sure why.  Then we had a ‘journalist’ from MTV making fun of Atty. General nominee Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter on social media after posting a picture, because she was of Asian descent.  And most recently a writer from Saturday Night Live, Katie Rich, suggested that Donald Trump’s 10-year old son (yes, ten years old) would be a home school shooter! (presumably because the young son must hate his father as much as she does, I guess)

To the her credit, Chelsea Clinton has come out and said that Trump’s son should be left out of it.  And SNL has suspended Katie Rich.  So all sense of decency has not yet been lost.

I can’t figure out if this is something that is uniquely crazy to the entertainment industry (add to that Madonna’s comment that she has been thinking of how to blow up the White House) or if it’s something else.  But adults picking on and bullying 10-year old kids is inexcusable no matter what the cause.

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