Could We Get a Grown Up?

Hearing the latest news item on US foreign relations, I was preparing my thoughts until the time that I could get to a computer and put them down, only to hear of another story just begging for comment before I could even get the first post out.Yesterday, President Trump had a phone call with the Prime Minister of Australia.  Australia is arguably our most reliable ally.  In the last century, they have stood with the US consistently, to the point of sending troops to fight along side US forces in every war we participated in, most recently in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

The call was about immigration and an agreement that President Obama had made with our friends ‘down under’.  Trump, by his own account, became so angry that he hung up on the Prime Minister about a third of the way through the time scheduled for the call and then went to Twitter (because that’s what teenagers do) to complain about how bad he thought the deal was and to say the phone call was the worst one he had experienced with any foreign leader.

For sake of argument, let’s say it was a terrible deal.  Nevertheless our President at the time agreed and gave our word.  Barring some outlandish issue, we have to honor it (and, in fairness, Trump later said he would).  But the real issue is the way President Trump acted, with any foreign leader but especially with a close ally.  Disagree if you like, but there is no excuse for such public disrespect and temper tantrums.

By now, commenting about Donald Trump’s childish tantrums is somewhat moot.  I mean, at age 70 if he hasn’t learned he needs to grow up then he isn’t going to.  One could hope that once a man is elected President that he would act…well, presidential.  But…   Let’s just hope it doesn’t affect our friendships around the world.

And after the ‘worst phone call ever’, the President must not have gotten his favorite breakfast because today was a day for continuing his routine of the previous day.   This morning, the President spoke at a prayer breakfast.  He took the opportunity to take a shot at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took over hosting The Celebrity Apprentice when Trump left the show.  Speaking at the breakfast, Trump couldn’t help but share that the show’s ratings were much lower with Schwarzenegger as the host and that the network executives should never doubt Trump again because he said that was going to happen.  And this at a prayer breakfast…

Because words fail at this one, two things rush to mind:  1) that there truly is nothing off limits to The Donald and 2) it has to say something about Trump’s opponent that several religious leaders publicly backed a guy who felt that a prayer breakfast was a place for comments like that.

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