What Do Maxine Waters and Corrine Brown Have In Common?

As a former resident of Jacksonville, FL we routinely got entertainment from former Congressperson Corrine Brown, who represented parts of the city for years. Brown was known for her barely literate pronouncements on various topics, which often showed either her total lack of knowledge on her subject or were said in such a way as to make normal people laugh out loud and English teachers cringe. (Even now, I chuckle at myself because of the temptation to post YouTube links to Corrine’s ‘greatest hits’ but I am so far resisting the urge).

Upon facing several federal indictments, Brown lost in her re-election bid last fall.   However, there is hope for our ongoing amusement in the person of Maxine Waters, who represents a district in CA. Waters has also provided a number of….um, interesting quotes over the years and, though it is still early, appears to be ramping up for this Congressional term.

Rep. Maxine Waters spoke recently of her great dislike for President Trump. As she was rattling off all of the terrible things he has done in his short time as President, she got on a roll.   After listing several things, she slowed slightly as she talked about the weapons that he had sent to…(after a brief pause, someone off camera shouted “Aleppo”)….yes, Aleppo.   And she decried that Trump was cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and letting him continue to ‘steamroll’ in Korea. (of course, the US has not sent weapons to Aleppo, home of bitter fighting in the Syrian civil war, and Russia has not invaded Korea).   Waters said that Trump’s actions are “leading himself to impeachment”.

Ok, so that is not quite the stuff to lead to outright laughter though it is pretty bizarre. But it makes you wonder if there doesn’t have to be a better way to select our public officials (as if our choices last November didn’t already make us ask that question).

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