Where Free Speech Went To Die (cont.)

Another episode from higher education in California (where else?) comes the story of a college student suspended for a video of a college lecture.Caleb O’Neill is a college student who also happened to vote for Donald Trump.   He said that he felt intimidated last December when one of his professors, Olga Perez Stable Cox, used her class lecture time to offer her opinion on the travesty of the Presidential election and so he used his cell phone to video the lecture.

Deriding the new President-elect, during her lengthy rant she said among other things, that his election was “an act of terrorism”.

For his actions, the student was suspended from school for a full semester and would not be considered for reinstatement until he had written a formal apology of at least three pages for his actions.

Your tax dollars at work, paying a professor to promote personal political opinions and then suspending someone who disagreed (and reports are that the professor not only didn’t provide a ‘trigger warning’ but also did not have a safe space for the student to go to feel comfy and get a juice box)

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