Media War

On Friday, President Trump spoke before a group of political activists and his Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, later spoke to a group of reporters.  But this time the press briefing was very different.The Press Secretary did not allow reporters from a number of news organizations, including the New York Times and CNN to attend the briefing.

In most cases, Thinking Man believes that the media gets what they deserve.  In many cases, they have thrown off the pretense of ‘journalism’ and being objective and, in the case of CNN, their head has even publically said that he doesn’t think they media can cover Trump as they normally would.   There is no doubt that ‘journalism’ –that being an objective reporting of facts, is an endangered species in America these days.   HOWEVER, this was a briefing of the press from a taxpayer paid Press Secretary and is a very different case.   This wasn’t a case of the President giving an interview or appearing on one news show or another, this was a routine daily briefing by a taxpayer paid Press Secretary whose sole job is to keep the press informed, and members of the press were excluded and not given the same public information as others.  That’s just wrong, plain and simple, and is almost unprecedented in the history of the country.

A free press is one of the freedoms specifically mentioned in the Constitution, which tells us how important it is.   And as taxpayers, we pay a Press Secretary and his staff to do nothing but keep the press informed.  To decide that only a certain part of the press should get the information from the routine daily briefing is wrong and is a dangerous precedent that ought never to be repeated.   President Trump, you are wrong to allow that to happen and you give credence to those who think you have authoritarian tendencies when you do.  Though your ego is to big ever to apologize for anything, that is exactly what you should do immediately!

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