North Korean Missiles

Days ago, the kingdom of North Korea launched four missiles into the ocean, three of which fell into waters that are in Japanese economic zone waters that are internationally recognized.

North Korea has repeatedly ignored international norms, in developing nuclear weapons and then working to develop intercontinental missiles that could deliver them.  The leader / king, Kim Jong Un who is the third generation of his family to rule the country with an iron fist, has flaunted international sanctions and let his country and citizens suffer while funding military expansion and continuing to test its nuclear and missile capabilities.

In response to the missile firings, the Trump Administration announced that the US would help deploy an anti-missile defense system to South Korea later this year.  The Chinese, the only friends of North Korea in the international arena, condemned the anti-missile deployment because the strong radars would be able to see into Chinese border areas.

After years of seemingly not being able to do anything to further pressure North Korea, the defensive deployment immediately after North Korea’s breach of international sanctions is a good step, more so if it makes China uncomfortable.  If China, who is the only country that defends and provides any assistance at all (at least publicly) to North Korea, would pressure Kim Jong Un to stop the expansion of his nuclear weapons capabilities then other things could be negotiated.  Until then, we need to let both North Korea and China know that things are going to change and we won’t accept continued nuclear expansion on the Korean peninsula.




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