News of the Weird: Napping for Diversity

In the increasingly endless source of crazy news items coming out of academia is this note….

Far fewer women than men choose to go into math, science and related fields (so-called STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and math) and this has raised diversity concerns. But, fear not!  As reported by the school newspaper, the Daily Egyptian, Southern Illinois University has come up with a way to help the problem:   The Nap-In

Photo by Amanda Prestigliacomo

Yes, the school is hosting ‘nap-ins’ at the Morris Library on campus so that students can “dream about diversity” and thereby help solve our social ills.   Areas in the library’s rotunda have been set aside so that students can come, nap and dream us into utopia for up to two hours.   The event is part of school’s planned events for Women’s History Month.

And for those who have in the past laughed at my personal ‘nap-ins’ on lazy weekend days, you now should feel ashamed since my actions have been officially approved by an accredited institution of higher learning. Further, know that I have been helping to promote diversity so you may thank me, in part, for the small progress we have made so far over the last few decades of my life where I have been a regular contributor.


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