Just When You Think Trump Can’t Get Any More Petty…

President Trump today hosted German Prime Minister Angela Merkel on an official visit.  During the visit, Trump just couldn’t seem to resist taking a shot at his opponents while pouring salt in an old wound of his guest.In 2010, former Army PFC Bradley Manning leaked thousands of classified documents that were later published by WikiLeaks.  Among those documents was information that the US under the Obama Administration had tapped the phone of Prime Minister Merkel, a key ally and member of NATO.  As could be expected, this caused quite an controversy.

So during their press statement after the meeting, what did Trump do?    He said that maybe he and Merkel had more in common than they realized because they both had been wiretapped by President Obama.

To make an accusation, as he has already done, against a former President is a pretty big deal.  To do so to a foreign leader, and one who had already protested US actions was….what words can one use to describe it?!

As the head of the US government, to deliberately embarrass the US in front of a foreign head of state, so that you can take a smart alec jab at political opponents is outrageous.

As if we needed more proof that Donald Trump is a poor excuse for a head of state and certainly doesn’t help the image of the US, we have another example.  Regardless of what you think of his policies, there ought to be no doubt that he is just a bad person.   We keep hoping that he will grow up and act a little more ‘presidential’ but if at age 70 he hasn’t grown out of middle school childishness then he isn’t going to do so.

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