‘Sanctuary’ Cities and Crime–Yet Again

And in the news is the high school rape case in Rockville, Maryland where a teenage girl was allegedly raped by two illegal immigrants who had been detained by border agents a year ago but allowed to go free to stay with family in Maryland as long as they promised to show up to court hearings.

First some background:  Baltimore has declared itself a ‘sanctuary city’ and there is a bill before the Maryland legislature to declare itself a ‘sanctuary state’.  A recent case has two unaccompanied minors who illegally entered the country charged with one count of first degree rape and two counts of first degree sexual assault.

Enter the sanctuary / illegal immigration apologists.   A Democratic lawmaker who sponsored the bill to make Maryland a ‘sanctuary state’ was interviewed and said the boys should be treated as regular criminals but that the state should not cooperate with federal immigration officials even in cases like these. (and said so seemingly seriously)

Apologists then argue that the boys were fleeing gang violence in Guatemala and we should be sympathetic.  After all they were just children.  But apparently, they were fleeing violence in Guatemala and just brought that violence to the US and to reward them with free education, at added cost and given separate from regular classes because they can’t speak English, and a myriad of other benefits.

The debate about illegal immigration has a lot of well meaning people on both sides.  And given the massive numbers of illegal immigrants in the country, the issue is complicated.  But to make it harder to have people who commit violent felonies to be deported, such as San Francisco has, Baltimore has and Maryland hopes to is not only dangerous but, frankly, shows a detachment from reality that has to make the rest of us concerned about mental health of some of our lawmakers.

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