Mid-Week Quick Takes

Quick takes on the gift that keeps on giving, and one that we wish would stop giving.

  • In the gift that just keeps giving, Rachel Dolezal is back in the news. If you remember, she was the white woman who pretended to be black and was head of the local NAACP. After her white parents in Montana, shared pictures of her as a child with freckles and blonde hair things began to unravel.
  • In a new book, she reflects on becoming black (because she ‘identifies’ as black—I identify as a pro athlete, Brad Pitt look alike but more on that later).
  • One of her struggles, she says in the book, was that she was “too black” for her African-American husband, from whom she is divorced.   (aside from the remark that is racist itself, what does that mean? How is one ‘too black’ or too white’ or….well, whatever? Is that because all blacks are the same?
  • Can we just be done with the Clintons already? So not only is power-hungry Hillary Clinton now weighing a run for mayor of New York (because she just has to get power somewhere and somehow) but there is now growing calls for Chelsea Clinton to run for….well, something.   Vice magazine (well, ok, I guess that’s a real news source) featured a picture of Chelsea as the Virgin Mary (Thinking Man won’t share the picture) and said that she was ‘smart and cool’ and the author told us that, of course, the quality of her posts on Twitter show that she is. Um, yeah……I guess if she has mastered the 140 characters of Twitter there isn’t much else

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