California in the News

Two news items this week give a glimpse of life in ultra-liberal California.

The first is that, despite already having the highest taxes in the country, Governor Jerry Brown has decided that isn’t enough and wants more.  He has proposed a 12 cents a gallon increase on gas and a roughly 15% increase on vehicle fees.  This, he said, is needed to pay for road repairs and for the underfunded state pensions and comes after other tax increases when he first came to office. With the free spending style of California government, there will never be enough taxpayer money to go around and it will be a short time before there is another tax increase after this one.

The other news is that the California Attorney General announced he will file felony charges against two conservative activists who secretly filmed conversations with Planned Parenthood employees about buying body parts from aborted fetuses.

Isn’t it the ultimate sense of how far pro-abortion backers will go to defend even the most extreme outrage? To be sure, filming without obtaining someone’s permission is illegal. But it’s not often enforced, just ask all of the celebrities in Hollywood and Los Angeles, California. And aside from that, California is prosecuting two people who filmed conversations but are taking no action on those who offered to sell human body parts! These two were filming potentially illegal activity, but the illegal activity is ignored. Why? Because abortion must be protected at all costs, in the minds of the California Attorney General. Even if that means locking up a whistleblower.

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