JFK and Elvis walked into a diner…

MSNBC far left commentator Laurence O’Donnell has had an interesting past week. According to some reports, he was in New Mexico in search of aliens at Area 51 and stopped for lunch in a local diner, a place where the locals know more than they share with outsiders.

O’Donnell sat pondering the recent US missile strike against Syria, after video and medical evidence emerged last week of a chemical weapons attacks in the ongoing civil war.   As he did, who would just happen to walk in but JFK and Elvis.   And who better to talk to about the issue than a former President so O’Donnell invited them over. In the middle of the peanut butter and ‘nanner sandwiches, O’Donnell broached the topic and asked what they thought. After some hesitation and a couple of looks between the two old friends, The King nodded and JFK spoke.   He said that he knew the real story and shared it with O’Donnell.

You know the background: not for the first time, last week chemical weapons were used in the Syrian civil war.   President Trump, harking back to the ‘red line’ that President Obama failed to enforce, launched missile strikes against the Syrian airbase used to launch the chemical weapon attacks.

The usual paragons of human rights–Syria, Russia and Iran–all issued statements condemning the US strike as an attack against a sovereign nation.  Russia, who is Syria’s chief ally and has provided military support, promised that there would be “negative consequences”.

In 2013 after Syria’s government used chemical weapons the first time, Russia brokered a deal whereby Syria supposedly gave up all of its chemical weapons. Clearly that wasn’t the case. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson commented, “Either Russia has been complicit or Russia has been simply incompetent in its ability to deliver on its end of the agreement.”

What could it all mean?  O’Donnell listened as JFK laid it out while Elvis just listened knowingly. So what did the former President tell MSNBC commentator Laurence O’Donnell?

Later, in his on air commentary (you can look up the video), O’Donnell said it was ‘perfect’. After hearing it all laid out, it was so obvious. He knew that Russia not only tried to interfere in US elections (as they have since the 1930’s) but this time they did it to help Trump win because Putin and Trump are close friends and worked it out in advance. So how did all this fit in, you ask?

He laid it all out, just as JFK had over lunch at the diner. It’s obvious that Vladimir Putin saw how his friend Donald Trump was taking a beating in the news media. Of course, he just wanted to help. So, as the story goes, Putin talked to Trump and to Syrian President Assad and convinced them of a great plan. The plan was that Assad would launch a chemical weapons attack against his own people. That would give Trump the opportunity to launch a strike to ‘punish’ Syria and would then look tough and also deflect attention, thus raising his poll ratings. Assad would yell and scream but ultimately be just fine with the attack on his airbase and the destruction of 20 warplanes. Putin would take care of replacing those and then everyone wins. See, it all fits once you think about it?!

Who knew? And frankly, who would doubt JFK on something like this?!

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