Hypocrisy in Media–But Does Anyone Doubt That Anymore?

The Huffington Post, the liberal magazine which has wide circulation in those political circles, last week published an article from a South African blogger entitled “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” In the article, Shelly Garland argues that white men should not be allowed to vote and only then could the ills in society be changed and justice prevail. At first, Thinking Man thought it must be some joke to catch headlines but reading further the author doesn’t shrink from the scandalous headlines.

Now, imagine if you will, that a similar magazine with conservative leaning, for example National Review or some similar publication. Pause…now think of what would happen if , say the National Review had published an article or even a letter to the editor entitled “Is It Time To Deny Minority Women The Vote?”   Is there anyone that thinks it would not be on the nightly news of every traditional and cable network? It would be part of the monologue of every late night show and the Sunday news talk shows would be talking about the threat of return of Jim Crow laws. Yet, the silence has been deafening on this incident from the Huffington Post.

To be fair, Huffington Post took down the online edition of the article days after it appeared. But it seems impossible to not to notice the bias in the coverage, or lack of coverage, the incident received. And the bias is not only the media in general but increasingly in pop culture as a whole.

Even sports media are now getting into the act. More and more we get political commentary from sportscasters.   Some of it, of course, is because they are covering athletes and their political stands which is understandable. But we are now hearing opinions during sports events and inevitably they fit the typical biased liberal agenda. Or we have stories such as one from the NY Times a few months ago praising the political activism of two college basketball players, one who was active in support of Black Lives Matter and another who was protesting the Dakota Access pipeline. Certainly, young people trying to make positive change for causes they believe in is admirable. But one can’t help but wonder if the NY Times would ever write admiringly about a player who was supporting anti-abortion causes or, say was marching in support of Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East. Actually, we don’t have to wonder—that just doesn’t happen. The bias is pervasive and increasingly bombards and attempts to indoctrinate us in every increasing ways and contexts. We should be wary! A free press is vital for democracy. A biased press is dangerous for one.

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