Judge Says Illegal Activity Can’t Be Punished

San Francisco-based U.S. District Judge William Orrick yesterday issued an injunction forbidding the federal government from withholding federal money from ‘sanctuary cities’.  Sanctuary cities refuse to give information or assist federal law enforcement in any way from carrying out the nation’s immigration laws, even in cases where federal officials are trying to arrest those who have previously been convicted of felonies and deported numerous times.

It goes without saying that these cities are defying federal law…you know those pesky things that everyone elects members of Congress to debate and pass if a majority agrees.  But these elitist cities think they know better and so they simply say that will defy the law.  And now we have a federal judge that says not only can they defy federal law but the federal government can’t stop giving them money just because they do.

Can someone please explain to Thinking Man in what alternate universe that logically makes sense?


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