Which is the real one?

With Donald Trump as President, one thing Thinking Man assumes that everyone agrees on is that the important and significant news changes almost hourly. Trump seems to thrive in this ‘managed chaos’, but it does mean that the most relevant topic has often changed by the time the next news cycle comes along.   And even more, it seems as if we sometimes have two Presidents who bear only a passing resemblance to each other in demeanor and speech.  Such has certainly been the case over the last seven days. Continue reading “Which is the real one?”

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right and I’m stuck in the middle…”

The lyrics from that oldies tune seemed oh, so appropriate as I caught the headlines this week, like they were written just for this time and this political environment. Continue reading ““Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…””

Traitor Manning To Be Released

Former Army Private (former) Bradley Manning (we have to add an extra ‘former’ these days), who was convicted of passing thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, will be released from prison next week.   Manning, whose sentence was commuted by President Obama before he left office, will be a “free trans woman” as of next week.  Once in prison, Manning decided that he was conflicted (and also had access to taxpayer dollars) and that he ‘identified’ as a woman so Bradley became Chelsea.

One can’t help but wonder if President Obama didn’t commute the sentence just because Manning was ‘transgender’ and it would be oh so politically correct.   Unlike Edward Snowden, who President Obama tried to get extradited back to the US to stand trial until his last day in office, Manning did not leak the documents of the most sensitive military and State Dept. files because he was trying to stop something he thought was illegal or unconstitutional, like eavesdropping on US citizens.  No Manning just wanted the publicity and the money.  But yet President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence.

Manning committed the worst form of treason, short of one during a time of actual war.  Personal gain and vanity were the sole drivers for Manning’s breach of the nation’s highest secrets, which included messages from Secretary of State Clinton discussing foreign heads of state, and revealing US intelligence activities against other governments.  In a time of war, Manning could have been executed.  Given the tens of thousands of documents and the extremely high level and sensitive nature of those documents, Manning should never again have seen the world outside Fort Leavenworth.  Just one more example of how President Obama always had his own political agenda higher on the priority list than national security

The Comedy of (or that is) Maxine Waters (again)

The undisputed champion of “How many crazy things can you say?” among political office holders, reminding us once again why she  holds that title:

News of the Weird (education edition):

In another bizarre twist in the politically correct crusade, an Ohio 7th grader was suspended from school for 10 days (!) for ‘liking’ a picture of an airsoft gun on social media.

Zachary Bowlin said “The next morning, they called me down and, like, patted me down and checked me for weapons. Then, they told me I was getting expelled or suspended or whatever.”

Russ Fussnecker, superintendent of Edgewood City Schools, defended the suspension “I assure you that any social media threat will be taken serious, including those who ‘like’ the post when it potentially endangers the health and safety of students

And this wasn’t even an actual gun-it was an airsoft gun. Imagine if–gasp–the kid had a picture of himself and his dad hunting or something.

There is one school superintendent that simply doesn’t have the judgment, and likely not the IQ, to hold the job that he currently holds

Quick Takes–Asian Salad, French Fries and Susan Rice

In the latest politically correct rant, Bonnie Tsui brings out a tried and true liberal rant of “racism” in an opinion piece for the New York Times Sunday Review. In this case, the object of her outrage is a salad.

In a piece she titles “Why Is Asian Salad Still On The Menu?”, Bonnie brings out the “As an Asiam-American (hyphenated descriptions are always the favored ones) I’m insulted because this isn’t really Asian” routine and says that Asian salads are racist.

One can only hope that the French don’t get insulted of our love of French fries—which I hear aren’t really French—after all these years. that the French don’t get insulted over our love of fries–which I hear aren’t really French-after all these years. hope that the French don’t get insulted over our love of fries–which I hear aren’t really French-after all these years.


Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor for President Obama, was recently found to have ‘unmasked’ the names of US citizens who were inadvertently bugged when talking to foreign nationals. By law, names of US citizens remain secret unless considered a matter of national security. In the last months of the Obama Administration Rice submitted a large number of requests to get those names, oddly enough a number of which were Trump advisors who also were leaked to the press, which would be a criminal offense to give out classified information.

As part of Congressional investigation into foreign influence in US politics, Rice has been asked to testify and yesterday announced that she was refusing. We will wait to see if the same people who have pushed so hard for a Congressional investigation of Trump campaign officials dealing with Russian and other foreign nationals now also call loudly for Rice to be forced to testify.   Any bets on that one?

News of the Weird: Yale Protestors

College students these days are so sheltered it’s impairing their ability to even protest properly.

 The rich snowflakes at Yale University are protesting how the university is treating one of the unions representing faculty on campus.  Well, of course, protesting has become personal these days so they decided to hold a hunger strike…at the personal home of the University President. But this one was different.  In the flyer announcing the hunger strike and giving instructions for protestors, organizers wanted to make sure that protestors were protected from anything that might cause them any inconvenience or damage their sensitive psyches.  Things like….well, getting hungry.

Yes, so there were special instructions such desperate situations.  If the hunger strikers got hungry they could simply raise their hands and go and get something to eat, and someone would replace them until they ate.  At which time they could come back and rejoin the hunger strike.   

 Oh for the good ‘ol days of protesting…..


Past and Current Chairman of DNC Make News for Controversial Statements

Former Chairman of the Democratic Party Howard Dean and current Chairman Tom Perez both were in the news last week.  In one case, we got a full assault on free speech and in the other, a comment that people with anti-abortion beliefs were simply not welcome in the Democratic Party under any circumstances, as if reinforcing the assault on free speech.

Image result for howard dean
Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean

Continue reading “Past and Current Chairman of DNC Make News for Controversial Statements”

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