News of the Weird: Yale Protestors

College students these days are so sheltered it’s impairing their ability to even protest properly.

 The rich snowflakes at Yale University are protesting how the university is treating one of the unions representing faculty on campus.  Well, of course, protesting has become personal these days so they decided to hold a hunger strike…at the personal home of the University President. But this one was different.  In the flyer announcing the hunger strike and giving instructions for protestors, organizers wanted to make sure that protestors were protected from anything that might cause them any inconvenience or damage their sensitive psyches.  Things like….well, getting hungry.

Yes, so there were special instructions such desperate situations.  If the hunger strikers got hungry they could simply raise their hands and go and get something to eat, and someone would replace them until they ate.  At which time they could come back and rejoin the hunger strike.   

 Oh for the good ‘ol days of protesting…..


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