Traitor Manning To Be Released

Former Army Private (former) Bradley Manning (we have to add an extra ‘former’ these days), who was convicted of passing thousands of classified documents to Wikileaks, will be released from prison next week.   Manning, whose sentence was commuted by President Obama before he left office, will be a “free trans woman” as of next week.  Once in prison, Manning decided that he was conflicted (and also had access to taxpayer dollars) and that he ‘identified’ as a woman so Bradley became Chelsea.

One can’t help but wonder if President Obama didn’t commute the sentence just because Manning was ‘transgender’ and it would be oh so politically correct.   Unlike Edward Snowden, who President Obama tried to get extradited back to the US to stand trial until his last day in office, Manning did not leak the documents of the most sensitive military and State Dept. files because he was trying to stop something he thought was illegal or unconstitutional, like eavesdropping on US citizens.  No Manning just wanted the publicity and the money.  But yet President Obama commuted Manning’s sentence.

Manning committed the worst form of treason, short of one during a time of actual war.  Personal gain and vanity were the sole drivers for Manning’s breach of the nation’s highest secrets, which included messages from Secretary of State Clinton discussing foreign heads of state, and revealing US intelligence activities against other governments.  In a time of war, Manning could have been executed.  Given the tens of thousands of documents and the extremely high level and sensitive nature of those documents, Manning should never again have seen the world outside Fort Leavenworth.  Just one more example of how President Obama always had his own political agenda higher on the priority list than national security

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