Two Liberal (Sick) Reactions to Disagreement

To be fair, every side of politics has a share of crazies—people who simply have not progressed high enough on the social evolutionary scale to be able to form coherent thoughts and react as adults when confronted by those with whom they disagree.

Having said that, as a group, those who disagree with the current occupant of the White House really do hate him and do so with a passion that is fascinating if it weren’t sometimes so concerning.  And part of the fascination is that it drives a large number of them into acting every bit as crazy as they say he is…..

On Wednesday, comedian Kathy Griffin posted a photo of her holding up a mask made to look like the bloody head of President Trump, reminiscent of ISIS photos showing victims of their brutal beheadings.  (Because of its graphic nature, Thinking Man is not sharing the picture).

Aside from all of the other impacts of such a deranged act, imagine the impact of that picture on the young son of the President.  The First Lady, in a much more calm response than was warranted said simply, “It makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it.”

Griffin later apologized and said that the picture ‘crossed the line’.  Yet she seems to be less than repentant.

In a press conference on Friday, she said she was being victimized by the widespread reaction she has received and seemed to be surprised that the Secret Service had contacted her asking for an explanation (imagine that-the Secret Service asking someone about pictures they post depicting the killing of the President).  Griffin said that Trump “…is messing with the wrong red-head”.   And she went on to say that the backlash she was getting was because she was a woman, “Cut the crap. This wouldn’t happen to a guy.”


And in another example of ‘if you don’t agree with my politics I want to hurt you’ …

Kurt Eichenwald, a writer for Newsweek, had strong opinions on the healthcare bill passed recently by the House of Representatives.  In a rant worthy of someone who has simply lost all rationality, Eichenwald went to social media to declare that he wanted everyone who voted for the bill to “…have a family member get a long term condition, lose insurance and die.”   In a later follow up post, Eichenwald didn’t back down and said he can’t wait for those people to “feel the pain”.

So this is what now passes for intelligent dialog?  A good example of what comes from at least a number of liberals these days—some version of “if you don’t agree with me then you should be (banned, jailed, charged with a crime or in this case, die)”    Eichenwald should be fired—a conservative who publically wished for death of those who disagreed with him would be.  Let’s see what happens in this case.

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