(More) Stifling of Speech on College Campuses

And this from the Left Coast and academia (with a combination like that, you can imagine)…In recent semesters, a segment of students at Evergreen State College in Washington state have held a “Day of Absence”, supposedly organized to fight racism. Usually the event is conducted by students of color leaving the campus for the day, but this year they wanted to coerce all white students and faculty to leave instead.

Protests erupted on campus when one professor called this an act of oppression of its own.   He was lambasted by hundreds of students who then basically took over the campus in Olympia, Washington. The campus was shut down for several days after anonymous threats of violence made to police.

Alas, one freshman student has taken to his own form of protest. He has started writing on sidewalks and similar things in chalk and writing such (apparently) controversial things as “We want to learn” and “College isn’t a safe space”.   This has enraged the mob. He was found chalking ‘inflammatory’ statements and a group decided to pour water all over him, rip his glasses off and pushed him around. His ‘inflammatory’ writings got a response on the college’s closed Facebook page, where he was called a Nazi and White Supremacist (because, you see, ‘hate speech’ for Leftists is only ‘hate speech’ when directed against liberals but not when they use it)

Days later, a group was waiting for him outside his dorm.  When he went to get something to eat, the group followed him with some carrying baseball bats, yelling epitaphs at him as he and his friends tried to get something to eat.

And all this from those who say all they want is tolerance and understanding between the races. You know, someone really ought to investigate how all of those people-seemingly unknowingly-were lobotomized. And how much taxpayer funded aid they are getting.

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