The ‘Hillary Being Hillary’ Tour Continues

In appearances last week in the ongoing “Hillary Being Hillary” national tour, we have new revelations about the 2016 elections and why Hillary isn’t President.Hillary Clinton was the prohibitive favorite going into the presidential elections of both 2008 and 2016, yet managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory each time. In the most recent one, she lost to Donald Trump who had the lowest approval ratings of any presidential nominee in history. BUT, it wasn’t here fault. Really. Just ask her.

After being so upset that she was unable to appear to supporters on election night or the immediate aftermath, Hillary has been speaking in various forums and giving her opinions on the 2016 election.   In each appearance she has told us all the things that caused her to lose. So far, we have had voter fraud, the news media who weren’t hard enough on Trump, WikiLeaks, sexism, the fact that it’s hard to win after a President of your same party has had two terms. the Russians and the list went on.

But last week, she added to what Thinking Man had thought was an exhaustive list of excuses.   Last week, she enlightened us that there were also Macedonian hackers that were out to get her. Somewhere in the country of Macedonia. Of course Macedonia has expressed interest in joining NATO and therefore becoming a formal ally of the United States. So that certainly is a new twist on Hillary’s explanation.

Yet she wasn’t finished. Despite outspending Trump by over $200 million in the election, Hillary also blamed the lack of money available from the Democratic Party and the Party’s poor state of voter data. This was the same Party that astonished the political establishment with the level of information that it had to help Barack Obama’s election efforts.

At this point, Hillary is just lashing out at anyone and anything. She can’t even see that it’s those exact qualities which are the reason that she lost to the most unpopular major party candidate in history. It’s almost like scenes from the Charlie Sheen tour after his breakdown years ago. It’s a train wreck and at some point you realize that the train has already come off the rails but Hillary just doesn’t realize it and can’t look in the mirror.

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