Midweek Quick Takes

Among the newsworthy items this week:

In a Bloomberg poll released earlier this week, we find results that show Hillary Clinton is even more unpopular than President Trump.   Bucking trends that historically show losing candidates gaining somewhat in popularity in the year after the election, Hillary has even higher negative numbers than she did at election time and roughly two percent worse negative numbers than Trump.


The US Post Office has been losing money for years.  To help turnaround its finances, the Post Office has decided to sell off a number of properties that it no longer considers valuable.   The properties being sold are expected to go for roughly $1.9 billion.

Interestingly, the husband of Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has received the exclusive contract to sell the real estate and expects to generate tens of millions of dollars in commissions.  An exclusive contract, which includes all parts of the country.


And finally, headlines today include a story that at the G20 summit of world leaders President Trump met with President Putin twice.   That’s it.  That’s the headline.  Apparently, it is somehow unusual that at a meeting of world leaders that one head of state met with another head of state twice?   I don’t get it.  The time spent on the story on TV news included nothing that would seem to be of concern, no indication that there was anything inappropriate, just that Trump met with Putin.  The leaders of the two largest military powers in the world met was not only news and headline breaking news, for some reason.  And the media wonder why there is ever increasing questions about their relevance?


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