Mid-Week Quick Takes

This week’s items in the news include a couple from the world of academia, where you are now required to break up in an appropriate, University-approved way or you will be suspended.

The University of Central Florida feels it needs to (and has the right to) get involved in student’s personal, romantic lives.

Nick Lutz, a student there, found a four page apology note under the windshield wiper of his car from an ex-girlfriend whom he had blocked on his phone and social media.  The ex-girlfriend took some shortcuts in spelling and grammar, apparently, and so Lutz took a red pen and corrected the mistakes on the letter, graded it a D- and then posted it to Twitter, where it has gone viral.

Though his girlfriend was not even a student, the University felt that was ‘disruptive’ and against the Code of Conduct, so it has suspended Lutz for the summer and fall semesters, has put him on probation for the rest of the time he is at the University with an assigned ‘mentor’, has required him to prepare a presentation on “how his actions have impacted others” and also write a five page paper on “the impact of this type of behavior in the future”.

So if you are thinking of attending UCF, remember to make sure that you break-up in a university approved manner.

Racism At NYU

A New York University librarian writing in her blog complained of extreme ‘race fatigue’ after having to spend time at a conference in the presence of white people.

April Hathaway said that she “hit her limit” after five whole days at the conference.  “The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue”, Hathaway wrote.

At last report, Hathaway is still employed and one can’t help but wonder how.

Illegal Dog Sitting

If you live in New York City and pay a neighbor kid to watch your dog or cat while you go away for the weekend, you are committing a crime.

New York’s Health Department has issued a warning to the dog-sitting app, Rover, that people using the app were breaking the law and could face charges.  The city government has said that you need a permit to pet sit and have to undergo city inspections.

Just another example of how certain politicians and bureaucrats want to run your life, and use ‘occupational licensing requirements’ as a tool for control.

Hacked But Doesn’t Seem To Care

Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL), who you may recall was head of the Democratic National Committee until leaked emails showed that she aiding Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the Democratic primaries, recently had her Congressional computer hacked according to Capital Police.

As part of the investigation, the Capital Police took her computer but due to some Congressional rules, she refused to allow them to look at it or use it as part of their investigation.    During Congressional testimony, where Capital Police officials were testifying on another matter, she went after them during questioning demanding that they return her computer to her.

Now that her refusal to let Capital Police investigate and determine if national and Congressional secrets were compromised has made new, Wasserman-Schultz has now said Capital Police can examine her computer.  One can only wonder what she was afraid they would find out?


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