Media Quicktakes

There are lots of items recently in the news…about the news media.  Thinking Man’s take on some of the crazier ones…

ESPN, Reuters and the Media

Earlier this week, the geniuses who make up the management at sports giant ESPN decided to reassign a reporter who was part of the team that was going to cover the Univ. of Virginia football game.  Why?  Because his name was Robert Lee, the same first and last name as the Confederate general.

The Asian-American reporter was reassigned for no other reason other than he had the same name as someone else.

Apparently in an effort to show that incompetence in the media is not limited any particular company or network, Reuters reported on the incident on its social media accounts, saying that the reporter was reassigned because he was named after the Confederate general.  Then when they found out that was wrong, they said it was because he looked like the historical Robert E. Lee.   Finally, after a couple of tries at guessing, someone must have actually checked the facts—bizarre and crazy as they were—and found the real reason.


Meet the Press

On last week’s edition of the NBC’s Sunday news show Meet The Press, one of the guests was from ANTIFA, and advocated on that show, using violence against political opponents that he disagreed with, in this case the rally organizers in Charlottesville.

So this guest said that the violence there was wrong, but that his violence would be not only be ok but is needed to stop the other violence.   Huh?

And NBC gave this person a free voice, airing his call to violence against other US citizens.  Imagine if the guest had been from the other end of the political spectrum.

Violence against your political opponents is wrong, Period.  And NBC is disgustingly shameful for airing a call to violence from anyone.


PBS, NPR and the Media

In a recent on-air fundraising appeal, Public Broadcast stations took the normal break between its shows to appeal for funds.  Part of the appeal from the on-air personality went, “We are trying to build bridges, not build walls.”

Forget what you think about the issue of immigration and the President.  Here is a station that survives only because the government (meaning, we the taxpayers) pay to keep it afloat every year.   As such, it should not be political and using taxpayer funds for political purposes.   Period.

And they wonder why there are attempts to cut their funding every year.  Look in the mirror.

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