Midweek Quick Takes

Midweek quick takes this week include…the violent side of the non-violent left, Kathy Griffin on beheading and society and the media on crime.

The Violence Of Those Who Oppose Violence

A recent protest in Berkeley, California was met with riots and beatings by counter-protestors and members of ANTIFA, a group who proclaims they oppose right wing violence (those they call fascists, meaning those that oppose their radical views).  Cameras caught groups of masked Antifa radical tackling and kicking conservatives, and beatings  with clubs among other violence against those they oppose.   Surprisingly (note the heavy sarcastic tone), no liberal politician criticized the use of violence until days later.   We had an outcry over the reaction of the President to riots and violence in Charlottesville when his statements weren’t strong and clear in condemnation.  Yet, in this case there were no statement against violence at all until days later.  Funny how the standards are different….no, not funny.  Hypocritical.  And tragic for society.


Kathy Griffin Says She Isn’t Sorry…As If Anyone Thought She Was

In what was a surprise to no one, comedienne Kathy Griffin took back her apology for posting a picture of her holding what looks to be a decapitated head of President Donald Trump, in imitation of ISIS decapitation pictures of their victims.  Griffin says that she has been treated so badly since she posted the picture that she is no longer ‘sorry’   Poor woman.  She got backlash for her actions and now she’s throwing a tantrum because, of course, it’s all everybody else’s fault.


The Media And Crime

ABC News Reporter Tom Llamas, in Texas reporting on Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath, last week suffered a storm of criticism on social media. In reporting on recovery efforts, Llamas witnessed several people looting and reporting the looting to authorities.

Social media was quick with reactions on how bad that was to actually report a crime when you see one.  One commentator, obviously an ex-felon with no gainful employment posted “F*** off snitch”.

What kind of statement is it on society when reporting a crime is a bad thing, especially when it’s people taking advantage during a tragedy?!

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