Sometimes Things That Sound Good Are Dangerous

Internationalists, those who think the best way to world peace is by giving up our national rights and decision-making to international organizations, had another reason to be ashamed last week.  And we all had another reason to be leery of international groups that ‘support peace and cooperation’. Continue reading “Sometimes Things That Sound Good Are Dangerous”

Racists ‘Fighting’ Racism

Dr. King, in a moment of defining clarity, once said that he had a dream where people “… will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

There are some that don’t think that’s quite right… Continue reading “Racists ‘Fighting’ Racism”

House Introduces Tax Reform Plan With Big Breaks for Low Income Families

The House leadership released its tax reform package last week.   The odd thing, though these days maybe it’s to be expected, is that the immediate criticisms of the plan were the same old arguments and, in this case, didn’t really apply in most cases.

The tax plan had two major goals:  simplifying the tax code and trying to get US corporations to keep and move assets back to the US.  Along the way, it doubles the tax income threshold for low income individuals and increases the child tax credit.

Immediate attacks on the plan said it was a tax cut for the rich.  However, the only tax bracket unchanged in the plan was the highest bracket for those with the highest incomes.  And it also takes away deductions for people who own more than one home and whose home is worth more than half a million dollars. So you have to immediately also question the credibility of criticisms from those people and groups.  They are against something, but not sure why they are against it so they just say anything they have used before that comes to mind. Continue reading “House Introduces Tax Reform Plan With Big Breaks for Low Income Families”

Weekend Follies

And now these (mildly) funny tidbits to end the weekend…

Let’s Fight While We Talk

Berkeley, CA has long been known as a bastion of far left liberalism and, most recently, of violence to silence speakers who do not line up with the politically correct agenda.

As a way to try to bridge the gap between left and right, organizers set up a tent which would be a place where those of the left and those of the right could come together for a dialog, to talk about differences in a non-threatening way.

Continue reading “Weekend Follies”

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