Post Holiday Quick Takes

After taking a break for the holidays, here are some updates on Christmas lists that you may not have heard about, along with other news of note…A Christmas Wish

 As most politicians do this time of year, House Speaker Paul Ryan sent out Christmas greetings via Twitter and other social media.  To which Rose O’Donnell responded that she wished Paul Ryan go “…straight to hell” for the recent tax reform bill Republicans passed.

You know, Thinking Man hates to disagree with someone as widely known for her intellectual and thoughtful commentary as Rosie O’Donnell, however I think we can be fairly sure that whether you voted for or against a tax reform bill in Congress will not determine whether you go to Hell or celebrate Christmas

 And Yet Another Christmas Wish

 A science editor at Buzzfeed raised a few eyebrows earlier this month with a tweet showing…well, read for yourself:

“All I want for Christmas is full Communism now.” Kelly Oakes tweeted.

It’s absolutely fascinating the ability that individuals possess to ignore facts for…well, we can’t be sure why.  We decry Hitler and Nazi Germany because of their massacre of an estimated 6 million Jews, mentally and physically disabled and others.  However, somehow there isn’t as much widespread revulsion to Communism which world-wide has massacred an estimated 100 million people in China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia and elsewhere.

I would guess that I could raise the money for Oakes to move to China or Vietnam or Cuba if that is her true desire.  Or I would guess that capitalism has given her the means to move on her own if she really wants to experience Communism.


On a related note, it has seemed to Thinking Man for some time that much of the whole discussion about Colin Kaepernick and kneeling for the national anthem misses the point.  Here is a supposedly intelligent man (whose actions say he can’t be) saying he is protesting ‘oppression’ while wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt.  And further, people excuse that despite the fact that Castro’s massacres occurred during our lifetime and there are a large number of people who now live in this country that experienced it personally.  It really is quite astonishing to the thinking among us.

A Politician For the People

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, who has served in Congress for 22 years, was given a first class seat belonging to another passenger on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Washington, D. C..

A 63 year old woman was getting on the last leg of her flight to go back to Washington D. C. only to find someone sitting in her seat.  In between legs of her flight, United had changed her seat to economy and given her a voucher without asking her if she would move.   The woman complained but to no avail, and has gone on a social media campaign posting pictures of Rep. Jackson-Lee in the seat that she also shows in the picture of her original paper ticket showing the seat assignment in first class.

White People Need To Be Taught To Be Ashamed, Says Univ. of Michigan

From the world of academia…the Univ. of Michigan held a professional development conference earlier this month that included a training session to help white attendees deal with their ‘whiteness’.

The session, originally developed by Univ. of Iowa professor Sherry Watt, purportedly helps people of privilege face their ‘discomfort’ at being white, while avoiding defensive strategies like ‘denial’ or ‘minimization’, where someone minimizes the extent of their privilege (and presumably their oppression of others).

Wasn’t it Dr. King that said he dreamed of a society where people were judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin? At the Univ. of Michigan, they hold seminars that instruct people to look at skin color first. And it appears that their diversity program which says it values each individual and their contributions applies only if you are not white.

And universities wonder why their funding is being questioned….


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