Mid-Week Quick Takes

A few news items just outside the major stories that you may have missed over the last week…Financial Hardship at $130K/year, Congressional Ethics-bet you didn’t see this one coming and Hollywood and Sexual Assault.  

Financial Hardship at $130,000 a Year

Jesse Jackson Jr., former nine term Congressman and son of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, is going through a divorce from his wife and fellow ex con. As you may recall, Jackson and his wife Sandi Jackson both served time in prison for embezzling money from his campaign fund.

In his first run for Congress in 1995, Jackson was caught up in controversy as his salary at his previous job with Operation Push had been subsidized by an organization linked by Congress to organized crime and he had also received contributions from John Huang who later spent time in federal prison for campaign finance crimes.

Now Jackson Jr. has asked the court for permission to sell their $2 M home (Congress must pay well) because “Sandra is currently unemployed and has refused to obtain employment to financially contribute to the parties’ expenses or make efforts at becoming self-supporting,” according to the filing, which says a second mortgage on the home is in arrears.

Jackson goes on to say that he is not able to live on the $138,000+ that he receives annually in workers compensation (wow, he must have gotten a paper cut while working in Congress) and disability payments.

After a career of questionable financial ethics, he’s now claiming financial hardship despite getting $138,000 from taxpayers for doing nothing. Is there any more question that Jackson has been living as a scam artist for almost all of his adult life?!

If That Makes You Question Ethics of Congress, Try This

In the often bizarre world of US politics, this has to rank right up there…
…several Congressmen, led by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), have filed a formal ethics complaint with the House Ethics Committee against several other members of Congress.

The ethical lapse? That certain members of Congress sometimes sleep overnight in their offices. The group say in its complaint that they are concerned about the ethics of those who sleep in their offices because that means they are getting ‘free housing’, which is against Congressional rules  and therefore it shouldn’t be allowed.

They also expressed concern about unsanitary conditions, expressing concern about members of Congress talking about important issues of public policy in the same place where they sleep.

Hollywood and Sexual Assault

You can’t help but be appalled at some of the stories coming out of Hollywood about the (seemingly) rampant culture of sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry.  If only some of the stories are true, it boggles the mind.

Yet, Is Thinking Man the only one that finds it ironic that, in this day of Hollywood’s focus on sexual assault, that they give an Oscar to Kobe Bryant?

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