Updates and Quick Takes

The passing of an American icon, Russia gets a hard slap on the hand, the latest update on sanctuary cities and states, kids can now legally be kids and other news of note that you will want to read to keep informed:

Passing Of An American Hero

Yesterday Linda Brown, the central figure in the historic Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court case that ended separate but equal, passed away.

To the family of Ms. Brown, may your personal memories sustain you and may the knowledge that Linda Brown fought injustice and forever changed our country in a positive way be a remembrance of a life that made a difference to millions of people.

Thank you Ms. Brown and may you rest in peace.  We are better for you living your life as you did.

A Coordinated Response To Russia

In an unusually widespread, coordinated response to Russian actions, at least 20 countries have expelled Russian diplomats in response to the March 4 poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury, England (A British law enforcement officer was also affected).

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that an investigation into the incident had revealed Russian involvement, which was actually very similar to another incident involving a former Russian living in the UK a number of years ago.  The UK then expelled a number of Russian diplomats who, the Prime Minister said were using diplomatic passports to spy.  In support of the British and as a reaction to the Russian attempt to commit murder on another country’s soil, the United States expelled 60 Russian diplomats which was more than any in history.  Expulsion announcements on the same day included almost all members of NATO and the European Union, along with a number of other countries.

Kids Can Legally Be Kids In Utah

Utah passed a law last week that specifically says that parents cannot be found guilty of negligence for letting their children over 8 years old do such things as play on a playground without supervision or walk home from school without an adult escort.

Thinking Man finds it incredulous that ‘child abuse’ has gone from something that is appalling and outrageous and that we all would recognize and fight against, to now being told that it’s child neglect to let your children be alone anywhere but your own property.

That there is a state where a majority of legislators and the governor thought a law like this was needed should be deeply troubling.   At a minimum, it should tell us several things:  1) the increasing overreach of the government, where some are worried that they will be jailed because the government doesn’t think you are raising your children right, 2) we have become, or at least are becoming, a society where people think that they not only can but that they have a right to tell other people how to raise their children and to have them charged with a crime if they don’t, and 3) this is a sign of a troublesome erosion of individual rights, at the expense of collective governance into even the most private parts of our lives and our families.

And for those of us who think this may be an extreme overreaction, let me share some personal experiences.  I live in a subdivision where there is a social media page for residents.  On more than one occasion, a ‘concerned’ parent has posted a comment such as “I saw children on the playground today who were unsupervised” or “There were kids riding their bikes on the street with their parents nowhere in sight.”  The latter comment got a response from another parenting expert in the neighborhood who posted the 24 hour toll free emergency number to the Dept. of Children Services and suggested they be called because of the obvious case of child neglect.

We Do Work Hard To Be Offended, Don’t We?

Heineken beer recently released and then quickly pulled a new commercial for their Heineken Light beer.  The reason?  Well, in the commercial promoting their Light beer they said “Light is better” (presumably they would think that if they were trying to sell Light beer, one would assume)

From various quarters, charges of racism rang out because, apparently, only a racist would ever say something like “Light is better”…even when talking about Light beer, where the point is that it’s lighter on calories.

So, one can’t help but wonder if the purveyors of the Irish dark beet Guinness released advertising touting the virtues of ‘dark’ beer, how would that be viewed?

Or is the whole Star Wars movie series racist because, after all, the whole premise is a battle between the ‘Dark Side” and the light side?  Or….well, we could go on forever…

Tell Me Again Why Taxpayers Fund Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood says they exist solely to promote women’s health and advocate for women’s health issues.  If that is the case, the below posting on Twitter from Planned Parenthood Keystone (a Pennsylvania branch) is curious:

Planned Parenthood Keystone

“We need a disney princess who’s had an abortion.

We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice.

We need a disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant.

We need a disney princess who’s a union worker.

We need a disney princess who’s trans.

By any stretch, the majority of that has nothing to do with women’s health.  Planned Parenthood is a political organization pushing a political agenda.

Thinking Man just can’t figure out why, in the spending bill President Trump signed last week, taxpayers are giving Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars this year.

Turnabout Is Fair Play, Right? 

California, at the beginning of this year, declared itself a ‘sanctuary state’ and made it a crime to help federal law enforcement in any way for anything related to illegal immigration, to the point that CA law says it is illegal for local law enforcement even to tell federal law enforcement that they are releasing a criminal from custody even if that person is wanted for a felony.

As Thinking Man has expressed before, at its root, what this says is that California has said that it simply does not believe in democracy and that they will ignore any law that they disagree with, even when passed legally by both Houses of Congress and signed by the President.

In a clever way to get around a law designed to get around a law, the Orange Country Sherriff has announced that it will follow CA law and not inform federal law enforcement of upcoming releases of wanted criminals.  But what it will do, is post the names of upcoming releases publicly and whoever wants to look and monitor those releases may do so.


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