Weekend Quick Takes

The cost of ‘free’ healthcare, how some in England propose to stop violent crime and more whining about the Attorney General in this version of Weekend Quick Takes“Free Healthcare”

Fiscal estimates have now come back on Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi’s proposal to provide free healthcare for everyone in the country. The price? $32.6 Trillion or roughly 800% more than the current federal budget, which of course is already running a huge deficit.

So much for ‘free’.


Ban Guns? No, That’s Not Enough

As gun owners say ‘I told you so’ we have this out of Great Britain where a series of knife attacks a couple of months ago resulted in the Mayor of London calling for knife regulations. No, seriously.

And if to emphasize the point, an English judge has come out and called for a tax on kitchen knives to combat teen stabbings and violence.

May Thinking Man pose a thought, that it isn’t the weapon that is the cause of the violence. It’s the condition of the human heart. If you don’t address the root issue and don’t do more to deter crime, then bad people will always find a weapon to do bad things (like a knife when they can’t get a gun!).


Trump Wants Someone to Fire His Attorney General

For roughly the 327th time in the year and a half since he took office, this week President Trump criticized his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. In what has become pretty much a routine, Trump said that Sessions was doing a terrible job and that Sessions should do more to protect his boss (the President).

Um, Mr. President, the Attorney General works for you and if you don’t like the job he’s doing you can just fire him. So rather than throw a public tantrum every other week, just fire. Or just shut up. No one a leader of the free world who talks about the importance of loyalty and then acts like a child when complaining about things that you can change if you really want to do so.

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