Trump, the Mid-Terms and the Republican Party

(Editor’s Note:  This is part three of a series on ‘Politics in the Trump Era’)

In the first two parts of “Politics in the Trump Era”, we took a look at prospects going into the mid-term elections of a couple of weeks ago and of the effect that Donald Trump has had on both the Democratic and Republican parties, driving each to be less compromising and driving out those in both parties who may be willing to compromise with the opposing party.

In the final part of this series, we’ll look at the effect of Donald Trump on the elections and the Republican Party, which he leads as its highest officeholder. Continue reading “Trump, the Mid-Terms and the Republican Party”

The Biggest Threat to Journalism in America

Most would agree that journalism in America is under assault, in some form or fashion. What is the biggest threat to the press, one of the vital freedom’s outlined in our Constitution?

In the article below, a link to an opinion piece, the author proposes a thought-provoking conclusion. Continue reading “The Biggest Threat to Journalism in America”

Holiday Weekend Quick Takes

After feasting and giving thanks for our blessings, here is this weekend’s edition of quick takes, with a special focus on bias in the public square. Do you think there isn’t bias in our colleges and universities? Or in the media?  Continue reading “Holiday Weekend Quick Takes”

Trump’s Effect on US Politics (part 2 of a series)

(Editor’s Note:  This is part two of a series on ‘Politics in the Trump Era’)

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’, which was a way of saying he would be a radically different President.  After defying almost all the polls and conventional wisdom by being elected, I think all would agree that he has fulfilled that promise. As President, he has totally gone against conventional wisdom and has set his own course, whether for good or bad.

In doing so, both his Presidency and his campaign have had an impact on US politics probably far more than anyone else in the last century, at least. As mid-term elections approach, it seems a somehow timely and appropriate to reflect on those changes. Continue reading “Trump’s Effect on US Politics (part 2 of a series)”

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