For political junkies…

There are a number of interesting political oddities coming out of the last election. For those who enjoy the ‘politics’ of the elections, here are a few that have made this election cycle interesting.

  • This election may have had more close races than any in any recent memory if not in US history. A week after the election, there are still two US Senate elections, two Governor’s races and at least nine seats for the House of Representatives that are too close to call and/or are undergoing a recount. That’s in addition to any local or statewide races (for example, in Florida, there is another statewide race and more than one legislative race that aren’t decided and two more statewide races in AZ that don’t have final results).
  • In the AZ Senate race, the Democratic candidate, Krysten Sinema, had previously run as a Green Party candidate until she turned on her radical past and decided to run as a Democrat. The race is still too close to call and they are recounting the ballots. In the meantime, it looks like the Green Party candidate will get somewhere just over 2% of the vote. And Greens being more liberal, a good portion of the votes would go to a Democratic candidate. So if Sineman loses, she could put the margin of loss down to the votes received by the Green Party where she once argued people should vote.
  • Seven sitting chairs of major committees in the House decided not to run for re-election, in addition to the Speaker of the House, probably the second most powerful position in the Federal government. All but one of those retired without any scandal or other obvious reason that one would normally think would push people in such powerful positions out. That is almost unprecedented.
  • In a truly divided outcome, Democrats gained enough seats in the House of Representatives to have a majority and take control of the House. Republicans gained seats in the Senate and will expand their control in the Senate.
  • Two immigrants-one from Somalia and one from Ecuador are among the new members of Congress
  • And among the places where recounts are being done is Broward County, Florida which, coincidentally or maybe not coincidentally, was also at the heart of controversy during the 2000 Bush-Gore Presidential campaign. It seems like Broward County hasn’t learned to count yet.

A week after the election, we are still awaiting the final results but even with that being the case, there is no doubt this has been one of the more interesting political seasons in memory.

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