Friday Quick Takes

In this edition of quick takes, we find that apparently the end is near so live it up.

And also an update on New York’s new abortion law and another look at socialism in South America.

The End is Near…

During an event honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) said “The world is going to end in twelve years…” if we didn’t do more about global warming.

Since upsetting six term Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley, the self-described socialist has made a number of provocative statements, including advocating a 70% tax bracket and protesting outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office. This time, she’s telling us we have twelve years to go….collectlvely.

Much like Al Gore’s widely reported statement about a decade ago that all of the Artic ice would be gone by 2016, I am betting that this is another one that gets a lot of attention and then, when it passes in twelve years, won’t get much attention that it wasn’t right.

Some advice that Thinking Man has offered before:  if you are one who is in favor a activist global warming agenda just avoid making predictions. They just don’t come true, you look silly, and it tells us all that the ‘science’ that you talk so much about that is the basis for your beliefs, just isn’t as well developed as you say it is.

Global warming may be a problem, but it won’t be the end of the world in twelve years. I’ll bet my prediction against yours, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

New Abortion Law in New York Allows Abortions to Nine Months

On Tuesday, New York legislators in the state Senate cheered as they passed a bill, 38-28, which was then signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that made abortion legal up until the moment of birth. Yes, unborn children are now able to be aborted literally until the minute they are born. The new law erases the restriction that prohibited an abortion in the third trimester, when a baby could survive outside the womb.

Outspoken abortion opponent New Orleans Saints tight end Ben Watson put it candidly for many opponents of the new law, when he tweeted “It is a sad and evil day when the murder of our most innocent and vulnerable is celebrated with such overwhelming exuberance. We SHOULD be supporting and encouraging the building of families which are fundamental to any society.”

Socialism in Venezuela

The experiment with socialism in Venezuela has been an unmitigated disaster. Socialism, by definition, is government control of the economy which often leads to government control of everything-a dictatorship.

In the case of Venezuela, that is certainly the case. But the economic story is what has led to the most suffering by the people of Venezuela. Once the most prosperous country in Latin and South America, with oil resources that rivaled countries in the Middle East, Venezuela is now an economic basket case. Without quoting a lot of statistics, one can look at how many of its people are trying to flee the country as an indication. International reports put the number of refugees fleeing Venezuela as higher than those fleeing the Syrian civil war. The United States, that capitalist country that Venezuelan leaders love to hate and continuously ridicule, has sent a hospital ship-the USNS Comfort-to aid in treating the flood of refugees. Reports say that the Venezuelan medical system is in such bad shape that the people have little access to basic care and so the United States has sent the hospital ship to help with the overwhelming flood of medical issues that exist.

A lesson to be learned…

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