A Threat to the Country? Here’s One!

One of the biggest threats to our Constitution and system of government? It’s a proposal to expand the Supreme Court so that enough new justices can be added to overturn past Court rulings.

It’s hard not to feel outrage over this when you think of it. Our country is supposed to be a country where the ‘rule of law’ is what’s important-not your wealth, not if you were born into a noble or royal family like countries of old and everyone is supposed to be able to have their day in court. And the really great thing about the American system is that if you don’t like the laws, every two years we have elections and you can vote in different people to change the laws. Continue reading “A Threat to the Country? Here’s One!”

In The News This Week With President Trump

It’s been such an interesting week in the news, even before news that the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, released his report.

President Trump was in the news, unfortunately not for a new peace agreement with North Korea or a new budget or anything that will affect our lives but for his comments about a dead man. Continue reading “In The News This Week With President Trump”

Practicing What We Preach

Most would agree that one true measure of a person is if they actually live and do what they say they believe.

Bernie Sanders, the self-described socialist who recently declared he was running again for President, is running on a platform of helping the less fortunate by taking money from the wealthy and redistributing it to those at the bottom end of the economic ladder who often, he says, have the system rigged against them. How does his record stack up? Continue reading “Practicing What We Preach”

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