In The News This Week With President Trump

It’s been such an interesting week in the news, even before news that the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, released his report.

President Trump was in the news, unfortunately not for a new peace agreement with North Korea or a new budget or anything that will affect our lives but for his comments about a dead man.

Trump started out the week criticizing John McCain, the former Senator and Prisoner of War who died last year after a long battle with brain cancer. Trump  took a couple of shots, including one because McCain had voted against a bill that Trump had backed that would have replaced Obamacare without an alternative.

Later in the week, when asked about his criticism of the dead Senator, Trump-never one to back down or admit he was inappropriate-took another shot and at a press conference said “I’ve never been a fan of John McCain and never will be.”

But because Donald Trump just can’t ever let personal grudges, he wasn’t done. At a rally near a car factory in Ohio, where he supposedly was trying to highlight efforts to maintain manufacturing jobs, Trump again launched into a diatribe about John McCain, only to be met largely with silence from the working class crowd.

John McCain is dead, Mr. President. Even if you don’t respect the deceased, he can’t do anything to you, one way or another, any more. Let it go.


Ah, but the President of the most powerful nation in the world was not done with his name calling. Why solve world problems when you can go back to your playground days? This time, it was the husband of one of his top aides, Kellyanne Conway. On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted that US Attorney George Conway, was a “stone cold LOSER” and “husband from hell.” Yes, this was one of the first things on the mind when the President of the United States woke up Wednesday. And it didn’t seemingly matter that he was talking about the spouse of someone he works with every day and who has supported him (we know that ‘loyalty’ only goes one way with Trump)  And, mind you, the “husband from hell” comment was coming from a man who is twice divorced because of his affairs and paid millions of dollars to cover up his affairs in this third marriage.


One couldn’t believe all this if we didn’t live it every day. ‘It’s sad’ really doesn’t appropriately express it. Regardless of what you think of the policies of his Administration and his “we won’t take it anymore’ candor, President Trump is clearly just a bad person, who clearly feels it’s as important to use his press conferences to call names as it is to work on issues that affect people and could change their lives.  And Thinking Man has often been left shaking his head in discussions on the topic…knowing a number of people who approve of the President, when asked what qualities of the President they would like to see in their children, not one has been able to name one quality they want their children to emulate, with the only exception being to ‘stand up for yourself and not take s*** from anyone.” He’s just a terrible person, even to those who admire his Administration.

The sad part is that to those who excuse his childish behavior, they have forever abdicated the position that was once fundamental to many among them (or I should say ‘us’, as Thinking Man counts himself among this group):  that character matters to those who hold public office. Never again can anyone who excuses such regular behavior say that.

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