A Threat to the Country? Here’s One!

One of the biggest threats to our Constitution and system of government? It’s a proposal to expand the Supreme Court so that enough new justices can be added to overturn past Court rulings.

It’s hard not to feel outrage over this when you think of it. Our country is supposed to be a country where the ‘rule of law’ is what’s important-not your wealth, not if you were born into a noble or royal family like countries of old and everyone is supposed to be able to have their day in court. And the really great thing about the American system is that if you don’t like the laws, every two years we have elections and you can vote in different people to change the laws.

But there is a segment of society that doesn’t quite agree with that all the time. A proposal has been floated to expand the Supreme Court (read “pack the Supreme Court”) so that there could be a new majority that would overturn. This should outrage every American. If you can’t win in the battle of ideas, if you can’t write laws that you like through the electoral process, then change the rules of the past 245 years to get your way.

Only once before in our history has someone tried to pack the Supreme Court to get their way and that was President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who got mad when several of his initiatives were declared unconstitutional and his way to try to get his way was to push a Constitutional amendment to do the exact same thing as is being proposed now. Fortunately, even though he was one of the most popular Presidents in our history, his autocratic power grab was defeated.

Thinking Man normally likes to stay fairly non-partisan and talk about issues and not political parties but in such an egregious case it’s hard not to notice that five-count ‘em, FIVE-of the declared Democratic candidates for President have either come out in favor of packing the Supreme Court or said they would be ‘receptive’ to it!

Current 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) have all said they would not rule out expanding the Supreme Court if elected president. Two other Democratic candidates South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke said they would also be in favor of expanding the Court.


And on a related note, Democratic Speak of the House Nancy Pelosi this week also came out in favor of giving 16-year olds the vote. They aren’t considered mature enough to drink, smoke, legally sign a contract that’s valid in a court of law, or decide if they can enlist and join the armed forces but they can determine the future of the country.

Apparently nothing is off the table for the current power brokers of the Democratic Party if there is a chance that it might increase their power. Rank and file Democrats who value the rule of law and the Constitution

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