A Step In Making Parents Be An Example

Carlotta Outley Brown, a high school principal in Houston, TX created controversy (though Thinking Man is confused as to why there is any controversy) when she sent a letter to parents earlier this money telling them that the school is implementing a dress code for parents and anyone that wants to enter the school. Despite the controversy, Brown is standing by her actions. Continue reading “A Step In Making Parents Be An Example”

On Russian Interference

Among the most disturbing aspects of the investigation into Russian influence in the last Presidential election is the fact that a large number of people have formed opinions long ago. As a result, I realize the comments that follow may very well offend those on both sides of the political spectrum. Continue reading “On Russian Interference”

“No, You Can’t Disagree”

There is a growing trend among some, although not limited to but seemingly more prevalent among more liberal activists and groups, where you are not allowed to disagree with someone’s political beliefs or you will be threatened.  Continue reading ““No, You Can’t Disagree””

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