A Step In Making Parents Be An Example

Carlotta Outley Brown, a high school principal in Houston, TX created controversy (though Thinking Man is confused as to why there is any controversy) when she sent a letter to parents earlier this money telling them that the school is implementing a dress code for parents and anyone that wants to enter the school. Despite the controversy, Brown is standing by her actions.

Brown said, in part, “I felt the need in enact the dress code because it was an educational environment, a place of learning. When anyone walks in, we have impressionable children and we have to model what we want them to know and learn.”

Among the ‘controversial’ items banned are shower caps, hair rollers, low-cut tops and leggings, torn jeans that show too much skin and Daisy Dukes. For men, sagging pants and tank tops are banned.

“Parents are their children’s first teacher,” Brown said.

She went on to say that the action was spurred by what she had witnessed from parents in recent weeks. “A mother came in with a see-through shirt and you could clearly see her breasts and nipples,” said Brown.

Another woman showed up with her thong sticking out of her pants while the final straw was a woman that came to enroll her child while wearing a night shirt and headscarf, adding that the woman clearly “…did not have on anything under her garment.”

Far from the dress code being controversial, the question should be why some of these parents are allowed to raise children in such an environment.

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