Quick Takes-Law and Order Edition

In Monday’s quick takes, we take a look at news of a more unusual nature…where officers in the legal system aren’t really helping those who abide by the law

Dallas District Atty. Outlines Crimes He Won’t Prosecute

Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot announced that his office will no longer prosecute a number of cases in an attempt to end “mass incarceration” in Dallas County,.

Among those he will refuse to prosecute is any stealing or theft under $750 if the person who stole it actually needed it and didn’t do it for ‘economic gain’.

No word from Mr. Creuzot on how he will respond if the person from whom the $750 was stolen actually needed it, too.

Judge indicted for preventing arrest

A Massachusetts judge and court officer have been indicted by a federal grand jury for helping an illegal immigrant flee an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent waiting to take him into custody for obstruction of justice and three other counts.

Newton District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and the court officer,  Wesley MacGregor, face several charges stemming from an incident in which the pair allegedly helped Jose Medina-Perez get out of the courthouse via a back door in order to elude the ICE agent waiting in the courthouse lobby.

Medina-Perez was no innocent illegal immigrant, just wanting a better life. A twice-deported illegal immigrant with a fugitive warrant for drunken driving in Pennsylvania, Mendoze-Perez had been in Joseph’s courtroom in order to be arraigned on drug charges, the Boston Globe previously reported.

Medina-Perez was the subject of an ICE detainer — a written request to hold an individual wanted for deportation for up to 48 hours — and an ICE agent was waiting in the lobby of the courthouse to detain Medina-Perez after the arraignment, officials said. But during the hearing, Joseph asked Medina-Perez’s attorney “ICE is going to get him?,” according to courtroom recordings obtained by the Boston Globe in December and released in court documents Thursday.

THAT is the kind of illegal immigrant that Judge Richmond thought needed to be protected?! So much for those she swore to protect and the laws she swore to uphold.

Texas Executes Man in 1998 Murder

A few days ago, Texas executed a man from a small town, convicted for luring a young African-American into a car then taking him to a remote area, torturing him and killing him. Why did it take thirty years to carry out a sentence for a murder, and one as egregious as this one?

Set aside many other things that could be said, if you want people to remember punishment as a way to deter crime, and want to provide a lesson for society, don’t wait a whole generation to carry out a sentence on someone as despicable as this man was.

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