Robert Mueller (again)

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who completed his investigation and submitted his final reported, officially resigned his position in the Justice Dept. yesterday now that his job was complete. He issued a final statement which, basically, said everything he had already put in his final report. Continue reading “Robert Mueller (again)”

The Example of Socialism

Last presidential election cycle, we had an avowed socialist in Bernie Sanders, who gathered a significant number of votes in the Democratic primaries. In New York, voters elected a young self-described socialist, Alexandra Occasio-Cortez, to Congress and she has become the darling of liberals.

Surveys also show that there is a small but growing positive image of socialism among young people in the country. Continue reading “The Example of Socialism”

Finding The Truth Should Never Be A Bad Thing

Sadly, it has become the norm that political parties blindly line up behind the ‘party line’ and do and say whatever the party leaders say, rather than what is right. Most obviously, this is the case in the investigations surrounding President Trump. Continue reading “Finding The Truth Should Never Be A Bad Thing”

Sports and ‘Real Life’

On a more serious topic, at the intersection of sports and real life…the KC Chiefs drafted Kareen Hunt who was cut after a particularly egregious domestic violence incident.They also drafted Tyreek Hill, who was arrested for punching his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach during college and now is again facing domestic violence charges. Last week, they traded for Frank Clark and gave him a large new contract. Clark was arrested and convicted of domestic violence in college.

If the NFL says that domestic violence is problem enough and abhorrent enough that they are going to crack down and treat players involved differently than they would for other crimes, then what about teams like the Chiefs? If they are going to lower the hammer on players who abuse family members, what about teams and general managers who keep ignoring the crimes and keep going after players who clearly have a problem? Seems a bit inconsistent and hypocritical, or is it just me?

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