Finding The Truth Should Never Be A Bad Thing

Sadly, it has become the norm that political parties blindly line up behind the ‘party line’ and do and say whatever the party leaders say, rather than what is right. Most obviously, this is the case in the investigations surrounding President Trump.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a liberal Democratic Representative from Hawaii who is running for President, caught all sorts of blowback from those in her own party when she said it was time to move on after the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller had been submitted and released. Her point was that an investigation had been asked for, had been done over the course of a couple of years, and its findings should be accepted. Good for her that she put politics aside and asked simply that the investigation’s findings be accepted.

Similarly, Sen. Richard Burr, a conservative Republican who chairs the Senate Judicial Committee, issued a subpoena for Donald Trump, Jr. to appear before the Committee. Apparently, there were questions about potential contradictions relating to Trump Jr.’s previous testimony before the Committee and what he told the Mueller investigators.  Burr and his Democratic counterpart on the Judicial Committee did it quietly and the press didn’t even know it had been done for roughly two weeks after the subpoena had been issued, showing that it wasn’t about just trying to get publicity. A firestorm has erupted around Burr from fellow Republicans for doing something that might hurt Trump and Republicans.  Good for Burr for seeking to find out the truth no matter where it leads and to Sen. John Warner, the senior Democrat on the Committee, for not using the subpoena as an opportunity to take a political shot by making it public before it needed to be.

Criminal investigations should be a search for the truth of what happened and should be go wherever the evidence leads and no matter who may be hurt or look bad. Period. This isn’t a banana republic where they are used to either silence critics of the people in power or to overthrow the people in power who you may dislike.

People who think Trump is a demon and always wrong are dangerous. People who think Trump is a deity and is always right are dangerous. We should follow the truth wherever it leads and should hope that we could have more people with the personal character of Gabbard and Burr to represent us in Congress. Character matters.

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