Robert Mueller (again)

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who completed his investigation and submitted his final reported, officially resigned his position in the Justice Dept. yesterday now that his job was complete. He issued a final statement which, basically, said everything he had already put in his final report.

Mueller said that he had not cleared the President of crimes. He also did not say he had committed a crime and pointed out that he, as Special Prosecutor, could not have charged him anyway—only the House and Senate can charge and convict a President while he is in office.

Mueller said nothing new. He went on to say that he did not intend to testify before Congress and that, if he did, that he would say nothing more than what is already in his report.

It is very disappointing to Thinking Man that fanatics on both sides somehow found new things to reinforce their pre-conceived positions. Those who oppose Trump somehow came to the conclusion that Mueller wanted Congress to impeach him. Those who support him, say that there is nothing that Trump did wrong and that since the Prosecutor did not bring charges then the matter should drop.

As could be expected, since journalism is an almost dead profession in this country, the media machines on both sides were in full outrage mode last night. You had one cable network commentator with a law degree go after Robert Mueller in several ways, in effect calling him incompetent and motivated by politics and totally out of line…because he did not come to the conclusion that reinforced her political not her ‘legal’) opinion. She had offered her opinion on the President’s guilt and innocence before the investigation even began.  And, oddly, Laura Ingraham seemed to have forgotten that Robert Mueller was appointed by the Trump Administration and worked for Trump’s Attorney General.

And the ‘other side’ was just as bad. Somehow, they took Mueller’s restatement of his previous written statement as a strong endorsement of immediate impeachment and evidence that the Attorney General had tried to cover up Mueller’s findings, despite the fact that he released the whole report with the only exception being portions that he could not release by law (such as ongoing grand jury issues, classified information, etc.)

It is a concerning state of affairs when a large segment of the population only want to see ‘justice’ when ‘justice’ is the same as their political beliefs. Has politics become more important than important than the law, or have we decided that equal application of the law does not apply to certain people?

Robert Mueller, thank you for your service in doing a job and doing it in a way that followed the evidence wherever it led, even when you managed to get Democratic and Republican fanatics mad.

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