Weekend Quick Takes

The growing hypocrisy of a segment of American liberalism, the cost of the trade wars and failure in North Korea. All this below in the latest quick takes of Thinking Man’s Politics.

Hypocrisy of American Liberalism

Alabama recently passed a law that put increased restrictions on abortion. The city of Los Angeles has said they will boycott Alabama-the whole state. Why? Because Alabama citizens shouldn’t be allowed to choose their own laws.

Maryland’s Democratic Comptroller Peter Franchot said he would advise his state’s $52 billion pension fund to divest from Alabama-everything in Alabama.

And similar reactions toward Georgia and Missouri for the same reasons.

Last year, New York and the NCAA among others, decided to boycott North Carolina for the same reason-states shouldn’t be allowed to make their own laws. In this case, North Carolina had passed a law on bathroom use saying that people can’t choose which bathroom they want to use, or even change which they want to use from time to time but must use the one of the sex that they are.  And transgender people were outraged.

Have we really come to that point in American society where we need to boycott anything that doesn’t agree with everything we think? Should we get a political checklist to see if we should buy a car from a certain dealer, get a pizza from a certain restaurant or buy groceries from…..you get the idea. Even still, it’s one thing if individuals decide that’s what they want to do. In some cases, it’s pretty silly and we could probably all name a few ‘celebrities’ or groups that call for a boycott every week or two on something

But it’s very different when it is a government entity. Very different. All of a sudden, you have a government that is telling you how you should think and if you don’t, then that government will boycott and ‘correct’ you until you think like it wants you to. Isn’t that the definition of government control and fascist power. The Communist government of China tells you that if you go to church (or at least one that isn’t sanctioned by the government) that you will denied basic privileges that will keep you from making a living. In an example that most people are more familiar with, Nazi Germany started its persecution of the Jews (a religious and racial minority) by requiring citizens to boycott their businesses.

Government should never be in the business of deciding where to spend money solely based on politics and political beliefs!

And on a side note, but a related issue, it’s always so interesting when many that cry for ‘tolerance’ have no tolerance for those that disagree with them?  They seem to only be interested in ‘tolerance’ when they are looking for tolerance when their views are in the minority. Many of the public statements issued along with the boycotts talk about how they are supporting  this group or that group or supporting women. But obviously not all women. Only the ones that agree with them. There are women in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri (just to use those examples) that are in favor of the laws that led to the boycotts. And, further, there are women legislators who not only supported but voted for those laws.  But those particular women aren’t to be tolerated.

And a last observation on that topic…isn’t it also odd that the ‘intolerance’ overwhelmingly comes from those who identify themselves as liberals and, in the case of governments, those that are controlled by liberals. Los Angeles, New York, Maryland….overwhelmingly liberal governments. They want to boycott their peers when they don’t agree. Yet, oddly, I have never heard of Alabama government announcing a boycott of California or Missouri announcing it will not allow its employees on government business to go to New York.  It does make you wonder…

Trade War Costs

The House is debating  a bill that was recently passed by the Senate and which the President says he will sign. One of the funding bill’s significant provisions is $16 Billion for relief to farmers who have been impacted by the tariff wars.

This comes on top of the $12 Billion last year approved to give farmers impacted by the trade wars. That’s $28 Billion in two years from taxpayers to pay for the trade war. And that’s just the impact to farmers.

While it sometimes makes for good sound bites, trade wars are very rarely beneficial. They can protect a part of the economy, but the broader economy and consumers are hurt. In this case, we can quantify it for at least one part of the economy.

The Penalty For Failure is High in North Korea

South Korean newspaper Chosun Ibo reported Friday that North Korean’s leader/king Kim Jung Un executed the country’s special nuclear envoy to the United States as part of a purge of senior officials over the failed summit between leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump.

The paper reported Kim Hyok Chol and the other senior officials were shot after being accused of spying for the United States. Kim Jong Un ordered the purge amid mounting dissatisfaction with the failed summit in Hanoi, which was the second time the leaders met. They failed to reach a deal and the summit ended early over disagreements over Trump’s call for complete denuclearization and North Korean demands for immediate sanction relief.

Since then, North Korea has resumed testing short-range ballistic missiles, ending a pause in launches that began in late 2017.

Update:  Yesterday, at least one member of North Korean leadership who had thought to have been purged and imprisoned was seen in public. Kim Jong Choi was seen in video yesterday attending a concert.

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