Quick Takes-Immigration News of Note

This week, two major stories from around the country dealt with the topic of immigration, though on somewhat opposite sides of the debate

Florida Forbids Law Enforcement Not To Help Law Enforcement

This week, the Governor of Florida signed a bill that bans sanctuary cities in the state. ‘Sanctuary cities’ are cities that refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement in cases of immigration enforcement, even when those illegal immigrants are wanted on felony charges. In California, there have been multiple cases in the last of sanctuary cities that have released illegal immigrants that have been held locally but have been wanted by federal law enforcement and who have been guilty of heinous crimes. In some cases, they have already been convicted of multiple felonies and deported several times and in some cases they have later been guilty of murder after being freed by California without notifying the federal government. Yet in California, that’s ok. In Florida, it will not be.

California To Pay For Health Care For Illegal Immigrants

On the topic of illegal immigration, also this week California went in a different direction than Florida. The  California Legislature passed a bill, which the Governor has said he will sign, providing free health care benefits to some illegal immigrants in the state. The immigrants covered by the bill come to the state, are not able to support themselves so the taxpayers of California will pay for their health care.

As a side note, income taxes in California are the highest in the nation and taxes in California have increased the majority of the last 8 years.

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