Weekend Quick Takes

Immigration and gun control. Are there any more controversial issues? These are stories in the news on Friday….

Court Says You Don’t Get Money To Help Enforce Laws If You Don’t Enforce Laws

A federal appeals court on Friday gave a victory to federal law enforcement and efforts to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities.  The Court upheld the Justice Department’s decision to give preferential treatment in awarding community policing grants to cities that cooperate with immigration authorities.

Doesn’t it just seem logical that when the federal government gives money to help local law enforcement that they would give preference to local law enforcement that helps federal law enforcement?


No matter what you think on the immigration issue, it’s the law of the land. Until our elected representatives change it, sanctuary cities are ignoring it. But apparently, they still want money. (Chock that up to another case of ‘entitlement mentality’—”what’s yours is mine, and I have a right to it not matter what I do”).

Shooting Up ICE

A man armed with a rifle attacked an immigration detention facility in Washington state early on Saturday, throwing incendiary devices at the building and cars in the parking lot before dying after police opened fire, authorities said.

An employee at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma reported one vehicle on fire and said the suspect was also attempting to ignite a large propane tank outside the facility when police arrived, the Tacoma Police Department said in a statement.

When four officers arrived at about 4 a.m., shots were fired and the suspect was later died at the scene.

“Officers noted that in addition to the weapon, he was wearing a satchel and had flares on his person,” the statement said, adding that no officers were injured.


Guns And Crime

The gun control issue has become almost totally emotionally driven, where information and data sometimes mean seemingly little. In one sense, it’s almost understandable. When we here of mass shootings, it’s easy to react and want to get rid of the easiest thing to change (it’s much harder to change the hearts of heartless people).

This week, there have been two news stories, reported locally but receiving almost no widespread coverage, of instances where gun owners likely saved their own lives by shooting home intruders. In one case, four masked men (one wearing a ‘Jason’ mask) who were armed with a shotgun and other weapons, entered the home and shot the homeowner. Fortunately for him, he had an AR-15 in his bedroom and was able to use it to return fire, killing two of the armed intruders (police caught the other two a short time later). Guns saved lives, literally, in these cases. And these happen more often than mass shootings. Not to in any way minimize the depth of the tragedy of any of those shootings. But we should also not minimize the other side of the discussion. Each are valid.

Yet they are not reported equally. Why? It’s hard not to draw a conclusion that the national media has an agenda on the topic.

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