Five Candidates For President Declare Winning Is More Important Than Anything

This week, five Democratic Presidential candidates, announced that winning was more important than justice and the Constitution.

Ok, they didn’t put it like that but that is what they said. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the most recent member to join the Court and whose confirmation hearings were hard fought and controversial, was the subject of a New York Times article this week that included an allegation of rape and sexual assault from his time in college.

Almost immediately, several Democratic candidates for President announced that they believed that Kavanaugh should be immediately impeached and removed from office. The majority of those were members of the US Senate, who in the case of an impeachment would hear evidence and render a verdict. These Senators had obviously heard all the evidence they needed and had decided on the verdict.


A judge, especially a member of the Supreme Court, who was guilty of rape and sexual assault would be a very big concern, even if it was thirty some years ago in the youth of college. However, the allegations reported on by the New York Times are pretty unique.

Joe Scarborough, the host of the morning talk show Morning Joe on MSNBC–a decidedly and proudly liberal network–pointed out a number of problems with the New York Time’s reporting and with the reaction of the outraged candidates. Primarily, that the allegations did not come from the supposed victim . Further, in asking for comment from several of the victim’s friends, every one of them (read that—every one, without exception) has said that the victim never has mentioned the incident and has said she can’t recall the incident.

So where did the New York Times get its information? In an almost to hard to believe answer: the source of the allegation is a former lawyer for the Hillary Clinton who was also the lawyer opposing Kavanaugh in a number of high profile cases years earlier in their respective careers.  Yes, that paragon of journalism, the New York Times, published an allegation of a terrible crime with no information from the alleged victim and on the basis of a charge from a lawyer from Hillary Clinton and without even a statement from the alleged victim. A victim who says they have no memory of the incident, but the New York Times published the charges anyway and just happened to ‘forget’ to mention anything about the ‘victim’ not remembering.


We can almost dismiss the reporting from the New York Times. It has long since lost its credibility. From the several reporters and an editor that it has fired in the last three years because they literally made up ‘news’ stories to the clearly biased reporting that has moved from its opinion page to its front page, no objective observer believes the NYT is a standard of journalism that it once was.

More concerning are the Democratic candidates who immediately called for impeachment, especially those that are sitting Senators. These Senators would sit as the judges in the case of impeachment (the Senate would hear any case of impeachment and then decide on a verdict). Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, however, felt that they didn’t need to hear evidence before rendering a verdict and declaring their vote. This gives an idea of how they view their responsibilities and how they would carry out their duties.

Clearly, they do not believe in the American system of justice and how the Constitution is laid out. They believe it is more important to defeat their political opponents, no matter what it takes to do it. We should judge their fitness for office accordingly.

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