Ex-GOP Governor and Presidential Candidate Comes Out In Favor Of Impeachment

While many GOP officeholders have been quiet and very circumspect about the impeachment inquiry that has begun in the House of Representatives, there are beginning to be exceptions.

Last week the Republican Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, endorsed the inquiry saying “We have to get to the facts” and an investigation is the only way to do it.

Now, former Ohio Governor and Presidential candidate John Kasich has gone a step further and endorsed impeachment. Kasich becomes the most prominent Republican political figure to come out in favor of impeaching the President because of his conversation with the President of Ukraine, speaking of American aid to Ukraine and asking for the President to investigate candidate for President Joe Biden.

The goal should always be to find the truth, and to find the truth no matter who is involved—that is justice.  That prominent Republicans are now starting to publicly question Trump’s handling of the Ukrainian affair is worrisome in an election year–that is politics.

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