The Gift That Keeps Giving

Hillary Clinton, who just can’t seem to accept that she lost the last election because she was a bad candidate, this week accused even more people of being “the favorite of the Russians.”

In an interview this week, Clinton claimed that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic candidate for President and a current US Representative from Hawaii, was the beneficiary of Russian help. In the last election, Gabbard resigned her position as an official with the Democratic Party so that she could endorse Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent in the primary.

Clinton had previously said that Jill Stein, who was the Green Party candidate for President in the last election was also a favorite of the Russians. And of course, Donald Trump.

We know that the Russians tried to interfere in US elections. They hacked the Democratic National Party, several state Republican Parties in the 2016 election cycle, and have been active in every US election since the 1930’s, in a number of them actually giving money to candidates under the table. So there is some validity to the broad claim of Russian interference.

However, Hillary seems to have gone over the edge. We know that she has to keep trying to stay in the public eye, that her ego won’t allow her to let go. But now, apparently every opponent she’s ever had, she has determined is a Russian mole. Which is even more ironic, since when she was Secretary of State, her primary initiative was the infamous ‘Russian Reset’ where she said she would ‘reset’ relations with Russia that had gotten worse under President Bush.

Now she sees Russian spies around every corner, and every public figure that has ever opposed her has done it with Russian help. One can only hope that she has generous mental health benefits.

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