The UN Gives Another Reason Not To Trust The UN

The United Nations last week again demonstrated why internationalism is a problem for people with values most of us hold important

Venezuela, whose leader has turned the country into one of the most failed dictatorships in history, was elected to the UN Human Rights Commission. Yes, the UN decided that one of the most brutal dictatorships in the Western Hemisphere, modeled on that of Castro’s Cuba, should sit on the world body whose job it is to stand up for human rights and protect freedom around the globe.

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s leaders, has used the military to intimidate political opponents and control protesters. He has shut down press and media outlets that were unfavorable and some members of the opposition press have mysteriously been killed or otherwise harmed. He refused to step down after the last ‘election’ where his opponent shocked the world by actually winning. And Maduro has packed the courts with cronies who have repeatedly ruled in his favor, no matter the merits of the cases involved.

In addition, has turned the country’s economy from the 3rd largest in the hemisphere a few decades ago to a country that has widespread and regular power blackouts, sky-rocketing inflation, investors fleeing the country, rampant food shortages and shortages that have led to rationing of such basic staples as toilet paper. Yet, while the population starves, the military gets special favors and rations.

Of course, this is not the first time such things have happened. In recent memory, Iran was also elected to the UN Human Rights Commission. Even Libya, under its long time infamous dictator Moammar Gaddhaffi, was once a member of the Human Rights Commission ‘fighting for human rights’ around the globe while slaughtering political opponents at home.

THIS is the perfect example of why we should never give up our national sovereignty to international institutions. Yes, this shows why our values are better than many around the world—and we should not be ashamed to say that. All things are not equal, countries around the world are not the same and their values are not equally moral. To say otherwise is just silly. And for the UN to repeatedly, over the course of years, suggest such demonstrably immoral things such as having Libya, Iran or Venezuela appointed to protect the very human rights that they routinely abuse just shows how inherently we should distrust the United Nations.

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